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2008 Wrap Up

Wow! It's been a helluva year. I don't intend to do a recap of the entire thing, but I do want to reflect at least a little on some of the experiences I had over the past 12 months.

Most of my resolutions for 2008 were a wash, but I can't really feel all that disappointed about it since I think that I grew as a person in spite of the failures. I embarked on new journeys this year, like opening my own archive (and then getting sidetracked before really getting it off the ground), taking a more active role in my son's school by becoming treasurer of the PTA, becoming an advocate for the Sexual Assault Crisis Line (which I am currently on hiatus from for my own personal mental health). I discovered that I like my life as it is and that I don't need a degree to feel complete.

I learned a lot about my limits this year, both the ones that I need to push myself beyond, and the ones that I need to pay attention to for my own health and safety.

I said goodbye to some old ghosts, and hello to some new friends.

Maybe most important of all, I learned to be grateful for the good in my life and to feel fulfilled with the life I have now instead of spending all my time wishing for what I don't have.

I feel truly hopeful about the year ahead, both for myself and my own family, and for the world at large. In spite of the ugliness that exists in our world, I think that we are all becoming more conscious of the fact that it also contains a tremendous amount of beauty and goodness. That is what I intend to focus on discovering and taking notice of this year.

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