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24 November 2008 @ 03:25 am
A Different Kind of Holiday Card Post....  
As most of you know, I'm an officer in the PTA at my son's school. Every year we do a Holiday Workshop, where every student in the school makes a craft project suitable for gift giving. The woman who organizes this is absolutely amazing, and plans these things more than a year in advance so that she can get together the required supplies. Which brings me to my point. One of next year's projects will require old holiday cards (just the front half). And not just a few, but HUNDREDS of them.

So, if you would be interested in recycling your cards (or those of anyone else you know) after the holidays are over, I would LOVE it if you'd send them to me. You can comment here with your email and I can send you my address if you don't already have it. The deadline on this is still months and months away (October 2009!), so it's no rush. And if postage is an issue for you, let me know and we can try and work something out. The kids really look forward to this event, and we would all be eternally grateful.


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Feenpurplefeen on November 24th, 2008 03:14 pm (UTC)
I'd love to help - sned me your address and a reminder after Christmas might be a good odea too! :)

southern_skyessouthern_skyes on November 25th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
Let me know where to send them and I would be glad to do it. I love it when I can make use of stuff instead of just tossing it!!